Thursday, April 2, 2009


Okay so i got a message on youtube from TOGGPZ asking if i ever done a red tip and of course i have! and here it is!!! red tips with stars!
i got them done at the shop and those are not my real nails (looks like it tho lol) i started growing my nails after these fell off.

omg it took forever to do this design tho. i was sitting in the chair for like an hour and a butt was hurting hecka much. lol but the guy that did them did a GREAT JOB. i wish his website was still up so u guys can check out all the other designs he's done cuz man im tellin you guys.. he's a really good and takes his time.

i try to do this myself and its pretty hard especially if u dont know how to make stars. haha but ill try to do it for you guys one day.