Monday, February 16, 2009

my first blog!


 This is my first blog thing. im doing this because pretty soon i will be doing makeup and nail tutorials. i know something people are like " oh no not another one" hahaha for u people that hate the whole beauty stuff. SCREW YOU.. u dont like it then stop reading this. GOOD DAY TO YOU! haha. so anyways. im also thinking about doing fashion reviews too.  i love love LOVE FASHION. i gots a passion for it. oh yes! lol so ill tell you some some about myself. 

Lets start off with my NOMBRE. The name is LiLLy . im 20 yrs old and i live in the sf bay area ( yay area, blaaah i hate that. no one in the bay says that. except for e40. lol)  As of right now i have NO LIFE. stupid economy screwed me over real bad so i cant go back to school and its super hard to find a job :( boo... oh well it'll be okay right? right!    

okay so soon soon im gonna post up videos on youtube. but for now check out my favorite videos .

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  1. hey girl, welcome to the makeup craziness around blogspot and youtube. haha.